Our Services & Products

We are your top choice for ceramic coating in Tennessee! We are accredited by GTECHNIQ, which allows us to provide our customers with a top-of-the-line ceramic coating. We also offer GlassParency and other detailing products to help customers maintain their ceramic coated vehicles. Ceramic Revolution strives to be the best in the business and to accommodate every customer’s needs!

Ceramic Coating

We specialize in the use of GTECHNIQ ceramic coating, which provides customers with ceramic coating that’s rated up to 9 years!


GlassParency is a 3-year windshield coating that provides great visibility while driving, especially while raining. It also makes it easier to clean!

Other Products

We also offer detailing products to help customers maintain their newly ceramic coated vehicles, and for those who want to detail their uncoated vehicles.

Specializing in paint correction and GTECHNIQ ceramic coatings.

Come to Ceramic Revolution for the best ceramic coating for cars! We’ll have your vehicle looking better than new when you drive it off our property.

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