About Us

Learn the story behind Ceramic Revolution and what makes us the top choice for ceramic coating in Tennessee.

We are a husband & wife owned and operated business.

As husband and wife, we started out selling detail products as a side business. However, we quickly realized that folks would rather us clean their vehicles than do it themselves. Before long, we began paint correcting and ceramic coating cars. Now, 4 years later, it’s our full-time job! We are happy to accommodate the needs of all our customers and to provide them with the best ceramic coating around.


We strive to be the best
in the business!

We’ve been blessed to work on the vehicles that we’ve had the opportunity to work on, and the best part is the relationships we’ve made with the people we’ve met along the way. Let Ceramic Revolution work on your car and make it look better than new!

Why Choose Us

We are accredited by GTECHNIQ, which means we can provide customers with the best ceramic coating for cars.

Fully Insured

The work you get done at Ceramic Revolution is fully insured!

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